Let me welcome you to our website, recently updated, where you can find comprehensive information about our group, a company with national and international aviation market presence.

During our 50 years of experience, we have consolidated our leadership thanks to the professionalism and quality of the services we offer, with a fleet that exceeds almost 80 aircraft, maintenance and training for pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians.

FAASA GROUP brings together FIVE companies. FAASA AVIATION, headquarters of the company and located in Palma Del Rio, CAENA, it is the training brand of the company and we provide training services for future helicopter pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians; FAASA CHILE, with its headquarters in the city of Conception, is the group's operator in South America, SEBASTIÁN ALMAGRO FOUNDATION, in honor of its founder, whose aim is to bring closer the aeronautical world to the whole society. Finally, SEILAF, The integrated firefighting training system (SEILAF) is a platform where you can be trained in flight and firefighting missions, helicopter pilots and directors, each in their positions.

Currently, it is necessary to be competitive and our customers are aware of the necessity to offer innovation and quality, so Faasa has the necessary certifications issued by AENOR, which demonstrate our Quality Systems and Environmental Management.

Thanks to the renewed commitment of our clients year after year, we are working with enthusiasm to provide the best service and keep on the top. This confidence is a sign of the fantastic work of the team I have the honor to preside.

Miguel Tamarit Campuzano

CEO of Faasa Group